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Queen’s Beasts Lion of England One Ounce UK Gold

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Fine Weight (grams): 31.105
  • Fine Weight (troy oz): 1
  • Gross Weight (grams): 31.105
  • Gross Weight (troy oz): 1

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    At the coronation of Her Majesty The Queen, ten heraldic beasts stood guard. Plaster models were created for the occasion, symbolising the various strands of royal ancestry brought together in a young woman about to be crowned Queen. Taking inspiration from the original statues, the Royal Mint issued the Queen’s Beasts replicating the sense of strength and courage the beasts were intended to convey. The 1oz Queen’s Beast Lion of England gold coin features the fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse and the Lion of England on its reverse; both designed by Jody Clark Under current legislation this coin is exempt from CGT.
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